Real Life Love Story: Season 3 (2018)

Real Life Love Story: Season 3 (2018)
Another name
Thursday 3 , Our Love Story 3, 썰스데이3
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Synopsis: Eight love stories in which young people go through various difficulties in their relationships. 1. A young girl from childhood worried about her ugly appearance, in college, having performed an operation, she finally found happiness, until one day her classmates found out her secret… 2. What to do if the boss is against her son dating someone, and you have been a couple for a long time. 3. The guy dreams of becoming a bijay, leaving everything behind and hiding from the girl, he made his dream come true. 4. Relationships at a distance, is it possible? 5. It seems to be an ideal relationship, but after a while, he withdraws and does not call for a long time. 6. The girl is ashamed of her boyfriend, who dresses strangely 7. The guy is not sure of his solvency 8. Relationship more than 3 years, the spark disappeared, what to do?Also known as:Thursday 3 , Our Love Story 3, 썰스데이3