Nekoben (2012)

Nekoben (2012)
Another name
猫弁~死体の身代金~ , Nekoben~ Shitai No Midaikin , Nekoben – Shitai No Midaikin
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Plot Summary

Synopsis: Momose Taro is a genius like attorney. Taro’s nickname is “Nekoben” (“Cat Lawyer”), because he takes on cases related to animals and has a strong affection for cats. When he sees a cat in a difficult sitation, he has no qualms about taking the cat to his office. Right now, Taro has 11 cats in his office. A funeral for the president of a shoe company is held. While Ohkochi Susumu, the son of the deceased company president, thanks the attendees, the hearse carrying his dead father suddenly drives off. The funeral turns chaotic. Later, Susumu goes to see Taro to ask for his help. There’s an undisclosed reason why he did not report the incident to the police. Susumu tells Taro that he also received a phone call demanding 15.4 million yen to get his father’s body back. Susumu then asks Taro to solve the case discreetly. Taro then uses his deductive reasoning to solve the case.Also known as:猫弁~死体の身代金~ , Nekoben~ Shitai No Midaikin , Nekoben – Shitai No Midaikin